The long path to recovery – Edlaston to Muggington

Edlaston to Muggington

8 miles at 2.2 mph average moving – shuffling to the end

Petes view -

East and ever closer to the end. I tried not to feel too deflated as the end of our adventure was coming, and consoled myself that I have plenty of walks from my doorstep now. Today was a gently undulating¬† journey across field and lane, track and mud. A sort of winding down after so many beautiful walking days. We walked on the Centenary Way for a while towards Shirley and came across one of those ‘Tough Mudder’ courses with vast swathes of the oozing brown stuff. Fun for running through, and thankfully they had duck boards to get us across the worst of it. Another church and another lunch on a handy bench, and always peaceful in those places. No more soup as that season had gone and spring was upon us. A steady walk across rolling farmland had us taking another cup of tea at Brailsford before pushing on to the days end at Muggington. I only took about twenty pictures today which tells its own tale really.

Kerrys view -

The penultimate leg of our walk. A gallop from Edlaston to Mugginton, though there was less galloping on Pete’s part. This part of Derbyshire, riddled with footpaths, is much quieter and we pretty much had the landscape to ourselves. Past the beautiful Osmaston Park and into Shirley Park woods we discovered an extreme mud/assault course.

“Oh, wow, Lets have a go” i yelped “Look how deep this mud is, past the knees”

Pete wasn’t so keen, so we trundled on to more sedate activities, sarnies in the church yard at Shirley. Then not so long later a pot of tea in a former slaughter house in Brailsford. Opposite a path squeezed between houses and out onto fields where men paced with metal detectors and I found my own treasure, a bendy twisty branch snapped from a tree.

“This one’s coming home to a new life with me!” I like bringing bits of nature home.

A mile to go and between us and Mugginton were sponging boggy enclosures with no obvious path. We tried to find a way through but the risk of being sucked in increased with each step. So a spot of trespassing prevailed along with limbo dancing under barb wire onto a lane. Finally we emerged onto a green lane into the village where the car sat waiting with our boots just a bit damp
Walk twenty

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