The Wainwrights are done and I’m going to start progressing this page a little over the next few months, so please drop by for links to accommodation, walking blogs and sites that I like, and gear reviews/suppliers that I can recommend. I might even start reviewing wine and beer, but not at the same time.

Clicking on the sections below will take you to the relevant page so you don’t have to trawl through all sorts of nonsense. Enjoy and please let me know via my mail at if you’d like any further information. But no spam thank you…’s very fattening

Accommodation reviews and recommendations.

I have been lucky to travel the length and width of Britain and a few other places besides. Included in this link will be the accommodation pages from my long walks, and places that I have visited and thoroughly enjoyed. I know it’s very subjective and depends somewhat on how you arrive at a destination but there is accommodation to suit all preferences from Pubs, B&B’s to Luxury haunts – they’ve all rung my bell from time to time.

Blogs and walking sites

There are a lot of them, some useful and some not so good. Blogs have become the modern day diary and why not. A great place to keep your memories and enjoy later on in life, and if some pleasure is brought to others all the better. Whenever I am getting ready for another long walk I look on the web for information on all aspects of the journey, so I’ve come across many worthwhile sites. I’ll try to include some that I have found along the way and hope they prove useful to somebody somewhere. If you’d like yours included here, then just send me a mail.

I’ll be updating this page as I can over the weeks and months to come. If you’d like a link then let me know.

One of my favourite sites, well written and draws you in with some fine tales - Because They’re There is about climbing mountains – nothing else. Well, actually, there are one or two other things. But it’s mostly about climbing mountains. And fish and chips. And politics. And doing a bit of fell running. And wondering where the hell your life’s gone – and where it might be going next. And cooking kippers in a wet tent. And people you bump into who do similar things. Actually, that last one doesn’t happen very often . .

The gent who runs the Walking Places website (renowned for it’s excellent coverage of the Coast to Coast, and host to my site) also has a very fine walking blog/site. Stuart the Lonewalker

Fine photographs from a really nice gent to walk with. John knows the Lakes like the back of his hand and his site features all of the Wainwright tops, on his site the Wainwright Routes

A fine journal, well written and a glimpse of what it was like to walk a long trail in days gone byStottie Walks - a fine peat bog raconteur

The ‘Pighole Team’ - an amusing well written account of several LDP’s. Featuring a group of friends who ‘enjoy’ the walks each year

A well written blog as Paul walks the Wainwrights . Sharkeys Dream

Several journals of coast to coast journeys  on Walking Places

Including this funny tale of  how not to do a Coast to Coast path – Dodgey Knee 2010 – worth a read for the chuckle value

A Lake District local whose site has been running for some yearsAndrew Leaney has 874 walks with over 16,000 photos

Another Lakeland local with wonderful pictures Striding Edge


There are lots of them out there if you feel the need for a chat about walking or are looking for somewhere to meet new walking friends. You can choose from Walking Places, the Walking Forum, the Walkers ForumUKHill climbing forumLFTOOutdoorsMagic etc etc. There’s a whole world out there, and some are livelier than others, but they all have a lot of information.


A young lad from Derbyshire who is developing his prodigious talents rapidly. James Grant has won a few prizes and been published in quite a few places now, his website Peak District Photography is well worth a visit