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Cheshire Walk – Little Moreton Hall

Only a solo picture. Bit of a round taking in Little Moreton Hall. It’s a wonder it’s still standing. When I saw how tall the garderobe was, I wondered if the word ‘plop’ originated from the use?

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Cheshire walk No. 89 – Hanging Gate and The Gritstone Trail

Another Cheshire walk from the Cheshire 100 walks book. Not too many updates to make to this one, but after doing several of these walks it appears that the original authors really don’t know their left from their right, which is not a good trait when you’re writing a walking guide. Which is why the [...]

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Cheshire walk No.80 – around Dunham Park

I have a friend who is reviewing the walks for a publisher ’100walks in Cheshire’. I had a look in the usual bookshops around but all I could find were pub walks and dog walks, but a quick search online at Amazon and I bagged one of only two copies for 97p. I NEVER follow [...]

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