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A long walk on Skye 2012 – panoramas

I took quite a few panorama shots during the walk, and as expected the mountain shots are the most spectacular. But each day represents something special and sums up the landscape fairly well. Note that day six is absent due to the weather – you’ll have to read the blog for that one. Hope these [...]

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A long walk on Skye 2012 – Day Three

Torrin to Elgol via Blaven – 12.7 miles with 4200ft of ascent Intermission over and time to catch up thank goodness for short days anyway yesterday was a new day, forgotten is the tough pathless trek from day two and remembered is the hill I have to climb. Hill? Proper mountain I should say, and [...]

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The Isle of Skye – Sgurr na Stri…the best view in Britain?

An 8 mile walk from Loch Coriusk landing steps, up Sgurr na Stri, down to Camasunary Bay and along the coast path to Elgol. (WARNING: THE COASTAL PATH IS VERY EXPOSED IN PLACES) This was one of those walks that gave everything to me – pure pleasure all the way. After seeing pictures from the [...]

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