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The long path to recovery – 2016

Well it’s been a while since my last post and a lot of personal stuff has flowed under the bridge since. Last year – 2015, wasn’t a great year for me to be honest, culminating in being made redundant from my job in Norway, as were another 250,000 oilfield workers. After 37 years working on [...]

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The Wessex Ridgeway

After my fine walk in April along the Anglesey Coastal Path I had been pondering what other walk I should do this year. I had long thought about completeing the Ridgeway, but what always put me off was the amount of traffic along it. I will get around to walking it one day, but after [...]

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The Anglesey Coastal Path 2014

A new journey starts early today. I look out of the misted window and quickly pull out a merino base layer to keep me warmer on my travels. It’s raining in Manchester as I get on the train to Holyhead. But a rainbow sees me off on time. Not an inspiring journey but relaxing as [...]

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The Skye Walk is getting closer

Time is marching on and my planned walk from the south coast of Skye is getting ever closer – 3 weeks away. All is booked, including the ferry crossing – that would be frustrating if bad weather stopped the crossing, but I can always add on a day at the end to begin/finish the walk [...]

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