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Tryfan on a beautiful day

A great mountain revisited. Marvellous conditions and as always cracking views from the top.  A few smelly goats as well, great company for three days and a stride between Adam and Eve – nobody bothered to photograph me though!  Here’s the mountain that is Tryfan – enjoy

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The Nantlle Ridge again – cloudy for a change……again

The fourth time up here and still not clear – some sunny bits though. But a different route down this time – story to follow when I get back from Wales….  

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Snowdon – up the miners, down the PYG

Back from work and a visit from my sister and family led to a request for a walk up to Snowdon. Luckily for Dave and I the weather nearly played ball, but unfortunately the cloud was down and thick on the summit. The ladies were going to catch the train up to the top, but [...]

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Winter walking

Well a week has gone by and there have been a few walking tragedies in this wintry weather. Two in the lakes and three on Snowdon – it does make you rethink your strategy for winter walking. Because I got lost on a mountain once, some people think that somethings going to happen to me [...]

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