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Lingmoor Fell – a Lakeland idyll..

one of my favourite spots in the Lake District is the area around the Langdale pikes, and nestled down in between Great Langdale and Little Langdale is Lingmoor Fell. A great little fell with some interesting sites and fabulous views on a clear day over the bigger fells all around – it packs a punch [...]

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Great End revisited – great views

Work cancelled  and the forecast of some decent weather saw me tick off another revisit to a Wainwright where I’d had no views previously – my revisit list is now down to 7 walks. I’ll be glad to be done so I’ll have the views recorded for each of the 214 Wainwrights on my site. [...]

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Another Lakeland revisit – Bowfell via the Great Slab, Crinkle Crags and the Pike of Blisco.

30th April -  around 10 miles and 3900ft of ascent. Not a drop of rain on my head.  One of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District that I have had the pleasure of walking many times. I revisited today as the weather was so fine to capture a murk free Climbers Traverse and [...]

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The Walna Scar road and some outlying fells

Story to follow soon – it was a cracking linear walk. Here are some pictures to be going on with – shame about the high level of mist…  

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At last – it’s clear blue skies ahead. Nice up on Scafell as well….

It’s been a long time since my last post…yet again. I’ve been a bit busy this year as you can tell by the lack of trip reports and it’s a long story. It starts with an unsolicited email from a local estate agent – ‘I’ve got someone who like to look at your house with [...]

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Green Crag revisited

I finally finished walking the Wainwrights earlier this year and decided that future walks in the Lake District would be to revisit some of the ones where I didn’t get the views due to inclement weather. A good excuse if ever I heard one. I am in the process of moving house soon and this [...]

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The Tilberthwaite Fells – brrrr

The last day at home before returning to work in Norway and the weather was set fair – cold but lots of sunshine. So with no rain forecast I set off to revisit a walk I’d last done with Micky – not a mega meet, just the two of us. The last time up here [...]

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Lingmell…and a wander up Scafell Pike…and Great End

Eeee I’ve been a bit tardy updating this blog thing lately…too busy with other crap. But I escaped for a really nice walk up to Lingmell. Up very early for me and drove up to Wasdale for a walk up Lingmell with Dibble. I was a little late but we had no problem parking at [...]

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Bandaid to Crinkle Crags

Another walk in sunshine….great when you can pick your days. I had a fabulous day from Langdale to tick off Cold Pike. I’ve been up to the Crinkle Crags and Bowfell a few times, but never up The Band. It’s definitely the easiest way up to the top…more later when I’m sober

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Lingmoor Fell – this time it was sunny

I parked halfway along Little Langdale (a small NT car park – free for members) above Blea Tarn. The sun was shining (eventually) as we  passed Blea Tarn with its magnificent backdrop of the Langdale Pikes – always a stunning view. The lake surface was a bit rippled so no reflective shots. Then dropped down [...]

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