Dales Way 2009

March 26, 2007



Dales Way 2009

In 2008 I walked the WHW and my wife Helen decided to act as a baggage transfer service. She always sees me coming back from a long walk less stressed, more relaxed and happy. So this year she asked to accompany me on an easy LDP that had baggage transfer i.e not me carrying all the gear. So I agreed as long as she started to walk regularly through the winter months so she was fit for purpose for this walk. She started a new job in Liverpool and didn’t do any walking until April came along, and then it was a couple of miles along the waterfront just to kick start her legs. As the walk approached I took her down to near Llangollen and we walked 13 miles without any serious side effects. So she stepped up her training, and when we got down to the walk she managed the journey ok – well most of it anyway. Most of my LDP’s start with a day zero to get to the start and relax before setting off, but as Ilkley was only 60 miles away I managed to get a lift from no.2 daughter and her soon to be ex boyfriend! But as you might have gathered apart from Day one, no internet posts along the way...the reason being:-

Day Two - "the internet? No we only take cheques here"

Day Three - "Wi-Fi? Yes certainly...except someone forgot the password and now nobody can use it"

Day Four - " Wi-Fi? We forgot the password as well. Do you want a pint of Black Sheep instead?"

Day Five - see Day Two

Day Six - that's now and yes I am going to have a pint, and a shower.

Dales Way Map


Day One: Leave Manchester early & drive to Ilkley, then walk to Burnsall. 14.5 miles

Day Two: Burnsall to Buckden. 15.2 miles.

Day Three: Buckden to Ribblehead Station 14.4 miles.

Day Four: Ribblehead to Sedburgh. 17.5 miles.

Day Five: Sedburgh to Kendal. 18.1 miles.

Day Six: Kendal to Bowness, then on to Windermere Station. 14.4 miles.

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